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For well over a century America has valued the outdoors, preserving millions of acres of land and water, ensuring citizens and visitors alike have unparalleled access to parks, beaches, and national treasures. But each year, Americans are spending less and less time outside. We now spend 95% of our lives indoors and three times as many hours with televisions and computers than we do outside each week.

This is a problem and employers around the country are realizing that they can be a part of the solution.

Research shows there are clear health and wellness benefits to spending more time outdoors, both physical and mental. The companies participating in the Outside I Can campaign recognize that their employees and businesses will be better off if we all spend more time outside. So together, they are stepping up and supporting more year-round opportunities for their employees to get outside, whether that is in local and national parks, on trails, at beaches, or elsewhere in our country’s great outdoors.

By celebrating our nation’s public lands and waters, Outside I Can partners are joining a movement that inspires millions of Americans to improve their health and well-being by spending more time in the outdoors.

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